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The 5 Most Affordable Ways To Go Ethical

Socially conscious fashion is within your reach.

Whether you care about your environmental impact, are on your way to a minimalist lifestyle, or want to only support socially conscious made clothes (and want to be able to afford the price tag) consuming less while making intentional and informed decisions is the solution. But often making the change can seem daunting...and expensive. Here are our top 5 tips to go ethical without breaking your bank account.

1. Girls Night Clothing Swap

This might be the most fun you ever have going ethical. Gather your best gals, a bottle of wine (or kombucha, whatever floats your boat), and ask your babes to bring 3-5 pieces of clothing they love but would be willing to trade. Spend the evening catching up, then leave with a few “new” items to add to your closet. You’ll reduce your carbon footprint while also spicing up your wardrobe. If your friends have different taste or style you might even adventure to wear something you normally wouldn’t, the possibilities are endless. Plus this comes with the added benefit of being completely FREE, except for the libations that is!

Ethical and socially conscious fashion in a minimalist streetwear brand.

2. Monthly Memberships

Maybe you LOVE having the most up to date trends but don’t like the price tag that comes along with following current trends. Or maybe you want to go minimalist so you can’t justify buying new clothes every month (or even every few months). 

Try a rental service like Rent The Runway, they have two different plans to fit your budget and have a massive selection to choose from. They also have individuals pieces available for you to rent for big events. This is a rental service so you simply return the clothes when you are finished with them for the month and wait for your next selection. We’re also loving the newer company (and women owned!) And We Evolve who “is a style club and fashion subscription service for secondhand clothing in like-new condition”. We love that AWE gives a quarterly option for those of you on a budget. Unlike RTR this subscription allows you to keep your secondhand items, if you are living the minimalist lifestyle, this would be a perfect time to plan a girls night clothing swap (see above) before your next package arrives. 

Ethical and socially conscious fashion in a minimalist streetwear brand.

3. Reimagine Your Wardrobe

This might sound a little boring but we assure you if you let your creative juices flow this can become very addicting. This is exactly what it sounds like, reimagine your old clothing as something new! This takes some skill and a few tools (like a pair of scissors or a sewing machine) so you’ll need to prepare but this is an excellent way to lower your impact AND look hella cute.

Reimagining your clothes can be as simple as taking your favorite and well-worn statement tee (here are a few options) and a sharp pair of scissors, then cutting a trendy new crop top out of the old classic tee. If you’ve got a sewing machine there are many more options for you. Need some inspo, check out this babe who’s killing the upcycled game.


4. Go Capsule

Capsule wardrobes were all the rage a couple years ago, and as far as we can tell the trend is still going strong with good reason! Capsule wardrobes are a good tool to use to dig deep and clarify your style. They say style is a way to let people know who you are without saying a thing. Can you whittle your closet down to uniquely and definitively express who you are? Going capsule means you’ll purchase less but that only increases the love you have for every piece you own!

Ethical and socially conscious fashion in a minimalist streetwear brand.

5. STOP Impulse Buying

Yes, this can be a difficult one to master for some of us. You might also be wondering why as a clothing label we’re encouraging you to buy less, and it’s because we don’t believe in over consumption. We believe that fashion brands can be successful and profitable without pressuring consumers to purchase more than they need. One way to curb your impulse buying is to never shop when you’re feeling emotional. Shopping can sometimes be a way to numb or to distract yourself from the stresses of everyday life. If you’re feeling the need to soothe after a hard day take a self-care day instead. A relaxing bath might do the trick, or perhaps a nice brisk walk out in the sunshine. Once you’ve self-cared come back to the purchase you were considering and ask yourself if it’s truly going to enhance your life in the long term.

You are now on your way to becoming a socially conscious consumer - looking good and feeling even better! 

Get it sis!


Do you have any other tips on how to go ethical? Tell us in the comments! 

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Ethical and socially conscious fashion in a minimalist streetwear brand.

Top 5 most affordable ways to build an ethical wardrobe. Ethical streetwear and sweatshop free.