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How To Use Slow Fashion To Live Well And Have Better Friends

As Americans (and much of the global north) we’ve been maneuvered into a way of living ruled by perpetual consumption.

The fast fashion industry was born out of a need by major corporations for consumers to purchase more products more often. The basis of fast fashion is that you over-consume with very little thought to where your wearables will be in the future. Slow fashion challenges this idea.

Slow fashion helps you s l o w  d o w n. 


If you’ve read Marie Kondo’s The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up book (or seen the Netflix series) you know the power decluttering your closet can have on your personal life. Once you begin to see the impact being intentional with your closet has on your overall mental and emotional health, you’ll soon begin to wonder how your life might change if you were to be intentional in all areas of your life.

When you embrace a holistic and long term view about everything in your life, magic happens.

Ok so you might be wondering, well what the heck does this have to do with having and choosing awesome kick ass friends?

Well here's how, let's compare the process of curating a slow fashion wardrobe with the process of choosing good vibe relationships.

How to curate a slow fashion wardrobe:

  • Determine what the end destination is (a beautiful and intentional closet that makes you feel _____ *insert desired emotion*).
  • Research, gather information, and inform yourself on your options.
  • Pause before making a purchase.
  • Only purchase things that will make you feel _____ (insert desired emotion from above).

How to apply this to your daily life:

  • Think about the life you want in 1, 5, 10 years. What's the end destination? How do you want to feel?
  • Research how to create those feelings, inform yourself on your options. This can be related to everything from your job, to your hobbies, to your finances, and friends.
  • Pause before making decisions.
  • Take action on the things that will make you feel ____ (insert desired emotion from above).
Can you create space in your mental and emotional worlds to draw in the people, energies, and activities that will fill you up?


Choosing your friend circle. Your friends play no small feat in impacting the quality of your life and even your level of success (definition of ‘success’ determined by you). Perhaps you value many of your friendships but still yearn for closer connections or maybe more adventurous friends who are down for road trip's any day of the week. Whatever your needs might be consider taking the slow fashion approach to curating your friends list.

  • Think about what you want your social life to look like. How do you want to feel about your friends and circle of support?
  • Determine where you do and do not feel like that currently. Keep the aspects of your social life where you do feel fulfilled, and let go of the parts where you don’t. Go slowly, there’s no need to completely toss out your friend group over night. Brainstorm how you can fill in the gaps. Is there a social hobby you can find a local group to meet up with? Can you gather and create your own group based on some shared interest. Here’s the real kicker, can you begin to show up as more authentically YOU so as to attract your people? Can you create space in your mental and emotional worlds to draw in the people, energies, and activities that will fill you up and create _____ *insert desired emotion from above*? 
  • Pause before making decisions. Do you really want to commit your time to that person or activity? Is there something else you can invest in that will propel you towards your end goal and social circle?  

So there you go sis, that is how you use slow fashion to help you connect more and find more of the friendships that fill your soul.

Slow fashion is simply a way of viewing the world and when you apply it to the whole of you life you might see drastic upleveling in ways you never imagined.

Start with the destination in mind, go slow, and be intentional.

Also, when you finally meet your new good vibe posse, you’ll be looking hella cute in your slow fashion + thoughtfully curated outfit. Bet.





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How slow fashion can help you live well and have better friends